Ori products have been installed in more than 20 projects across the US

Our team has collaborated with some of the largest, most influential developers in the country, as well as with up-and-coming innovators, to deliver solutions that deliver enhanced returns and improved living experiences. For larger projects, we provide the opportunity to adapt our products to suit the preferences, styles, and purposes of our clients. By unlocking the potential of projects, Ori helps developers achieve greater flexibility, affordability, and utility of interior space across multifamily, hospitality, commercial, retail, and other markets.


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"If you can make [floor plans] more efficient, with smaller units, there’s an opportunity for sure. You could potentially squeeze in more studio units that look, feel and operate more like a one-bedroom."


"People living in Boston want spaces that are adaptable to their day-to-day lives. Ori-equipped apartments allow more of our renters to make the most of their spaces, whether they want to open up a room for exercising or entertaining friends, or create more intimate spaces for working, dining, or sleeping."

— Samuels & Associates Vice President of Marketing, Sabrina Sandberg

"One of the primary benefits of Ori is your usable square footage is much greater than what you’re paying for. There's been a ton of interest so far. We ordered 40 Studio Suites for Nova Quincy...and we're definitely bullish on using Studio Suites in future projects"

— Vice President of LBC Boston, Jonathan Miller